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Drift Into Eternity is a new title from Indie developer We Are Bots and has been out of Early Access for about 2 months now. You find yourself on a deserted spaceship far out in the abyss with no hope of rescue. Death is inevitable and the aim is to simply survive as long as possible via eating, drinking, repairing injuries and curing diseases and ailments. Another objective is to try and maintain the ship you find yourself in while things break and fail around you. It is a lonely and arduous experience with no promise of gratification. Certainly not for the feeble hearted.

Clustertruck is a rather unique title from Landfall games and offers the player a truly chaotic 3D platforming (or Truckforming) experience. Your objective is to get from one end of each level to the other via jumping from truck to truck and not hitting the ground. Easing you into a false sense of security with the first couple of levels the game quickly starts to pick up the pace with regards to the difficulty. A highly addictive experience, Clustertruck features no depth or meaning, but is an awful lot of fun. [prebreak[/prebreak]

The controls are extremely responsive and the gameplay is very smooth, yet punishing at the same time. You simply jump from truck to truck, using WASD to control your movement while you’re in the air and using the mouse to aim your jumps. This movement system is well implemented and feels lovely to play, making the game feel very smooth and strangely relaxing even when you splat onto the floor of the level. Failing the level will probably occur a fair few times before success appears before you, but thankfully the level reset is instant and there’s no drawn out, animated ‘you failed’ screen. Oddly enough there is some strategy involved amongst the madness as you engage in subtle tweaks and angle yourself correctly to fly through the level in the most efficient way. As you pull or air time or manage the odd trick the game rewards you with additional points upon completing each level. After you’ve gathered enough points you can unlock abilities that might help you though the levels or just add another layer of chaotic madness. Clustertruck also runs extremely well.

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There are a number of campaign type levels that you can work through that take you through different worlds, as well as some extra levels available through the main menu and additional content available via steam workshop support. So after the main section of the game there is extra content, but the base levels themselves are a lot of fun and offer a reasonable amount of re-playability because although the general outcome of the trucks movements remains fairly similar during each level there are enough subtle differences to make each run of a level feel different. A lot of the level design is simplistic but executed very nicely.

Graphically Clustertruck has a very simple visual style, but the clean, soft lines and the well chosen colors give the game a very sleek appearance with no distracting visuals to cause the player to hit the ground more often than intended. It is a very pleasing looking game despite the relatively basic graphics. A fine example of simple graphics being done very very well.

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The game has no soundtrack as such, but the audio visual feedback is excellent and the sound effects overall are not too intrusive, adding to the chaos of the game without overwhelming the player and ensuring the game doesn’t really become frustrating at any point.

Clustertruck has a very simple UI and the menus are all easy to navigate with the game being available in a wide range of resolution options. The UI and menus also look wonderful as well, continuing with the clean and simple visual theme that the rest of the game uses.

All in all Clustertruck is an extremely fun game that easy to simply pick up and play in short bursts or sit down for longer stints. For livestreamers it also features Twitch integration, allowing your chat to select the conditions your levels may be under.



Smooth gameplay
Lovely visuals
Extremely fun
Potentially repetitive
Slightly overpriced
No music

Dream Car Racing 3D is a promising early access title from RoKo0 and has been brought to the Steam Store via Greenlight. So far it appears to be offering a solid base for a physics based, vehicle construction game. The premise is, that you build cars and race them. It’s worth noting that the building of the cars does involve some actual understanding of physics and simple engineering. It definitely requires some actual thought in order to build a working car. There is, however, a default design you can use to take a look around the first map and use as an example to build your own car if you are struggling to wrap your head around why yours keeps falling apart (mine kept falling apart).

Heroes of Loot 2 is a simple little 2D, top down, dungeon crawler from Orange Pixel and is a progression and improvement on their original mobile game, Heroes of Loot. However it is apparent that its predecessor was a mobile game and very little has been innovated for the move to PC.

A fascinating and truly unique game, Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor from developer Sundae Month offers something very different from most video games on the market. You are simply a spaceport janitor, wandering through the city and picking up rubbish, random interesting items, and quests to investigate dungeons. An average work day really. Full of humor and relaxed gameplay with an adorable world containing numerous quirky characters, it is a game very much worth your while.

is a punishing title from Indie developer 3D Avenue that successfully leads the player into a false sense of security to begin with. If you’re a fan of aggressively sadistic 2D platformers such as Super Meat Boy, Electronic Super Joy, or Geometry Dash then Spectrum will be a game for you. If you’re not someone who enjoys intense pain and frustration then potentially stay away for the sake of your own health.

Alpha Decay is a recently out of Early Access title from Two Headed Monkey. It's a simple concept and holds some promise. The only current game mode consists of two teams of four people who each have a reactor to defend. This reactor decays over time and can be caused to decay faster by the opposing team. Each team has a base area where they can create buildings that will strengthen their team and upgrade their weapons. These base upgrades are made by using resources that are collected by a drone that each team has. The drone can be destroyed and although it gets replaced fairly quickly this obviously halts resource collection temporarily and each element of the base needs managing and defending to an extent.
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Black Hole Hazard is a title from the almost unknown developer Superthumb, and is an interesting one that certainly shows some potential. You play as Dr. Albert, a scientist who falls foul to a science experiment gone wrong and finds himself adrift in space within a strange sequence of puzzles. You have only a jet pack and a gun to navigate your way through the puzzles and to avoid the enemies and deadly traps.

Captain Forever Remix is a light-hearted, 2D, space brawler with a vibrant style. You are essentially a girl pretending to be ‘Captain Forever’, a fictional TV show character, and you and your brother ‘King Kevin’ are partaking in an imaginary space battle. Your objective is to get from the first level to the end without dying. Each level comprises of an area of space that is filled with ships trying to blast you into many pieces. You begin with a level one ship and as you progress and kill higher leveled enemies your ship is presented with a variety of increasingly stronger ship parts to add to your build and better weapons to blast away your enemies.
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Neon Chrome is a futuristic sci-fi top town shooter from 10tons Ltd. You pick your class and fight your way through a number of procedurally generated levels in a hyper futuristic universe full of robotic and human enemies, facing off with a boss every few levels. The game is focused around building up your character until you eventually have the skills to make it to the end. It can be played solo or in co-op.