Absolute Drift

By Jess Lishman Oct 3, 2016

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    This gorgeous title from Funselektor Labs Inc. is essentially a fairly simple and easy game to get into and a relaxing game to play. In Absolute Drift, you journey through the levels on a quest to seek true enlightenment through drifting your car majestically around obstacles and race tracks crashing into absolutely everything that even vaguely comes within your vision.

    It takes a while to get used to the mechanics as the game features some rather unforgiving oversteer from the car. Although the nature of the game encourages you to master counter steering in order to successfully pull off those sweet drift combos. Each level features a nice variety of easier and more difficult obstacles and challenges to complete before you can move on to the next world, introducing the required skills to you as you progress through the game. The top down visuals give you a clear view of the smooth drifting motions as you gradually improve your skills and adds to the relaxed feel the game manages to create, even while you’re trying to master new movements and inevitably spin out of control over and over again. Overall the gameplay amounts to a very peaceful experience, perfect for soothing away the worries of the world.


    The game is best played with a controller as per usual with driving games and the controls work very nicely. After initially getting to grips with the nature of the car's controls, getting the feel for new movements becomes very natural and easy to settle into. Absolute Drift assembles an atmosphere that makes learning what could be quite frustrating movements into a relaxing experience.

    As well as simply progressing through each world you can undertake challenges to achieve certain objectives and gain additional points and skills. Completing challenges helps to unlock additional things within the game.


    Visually, Absolute Drift features a very simple art style, but it is implemented wonderfully and the game looks beautiful. The simple colors, clean lines, and soft lighting contribute to the extremely Zen feel of the game. The color palette features soft tones that contrast well with the more vibrant block colors of some of the key obstacles in each world.

    The music for this game is utterly stunning. Comprised mostly of tracks by the electronic artists Nyte and C41, it compliments the smooth visual style and relaxed gameplay with utter perfection. Along with the wonderful soundtrack the in-game sounds are superb. When your car collides with objects the resulting sound is an ambient and peaceful noise that blends in with the overall atmosphere of the game rather than jarring the player out of the relaxing mood with a more aggressive sound. Some of the collision sounds even make you want to hit more things just to hear it again.


    The menu is simple and well designed, combined with an essentially non existent UI to maintain the game’s clean visual look throughout. All the options aside from the graphics options are nicely fleshed out and offer the player the expected amount of choice.

    Absolute Drift is a beautiful game with a lot to offer any video game enthusiast. Even if you usually have no interest in driving games you will very likely still find something to take your fancy in this wonderfully crafted and highly enjoyable game. A truly relaxing experience while still maintaining a level of challenge and well implemented progression.



    Stunning Soundtrack
    Extremely Relaxing
    Intuitive Gameplay
    Tricky to master
    Extremely Simple Graphics
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