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By Jess Lishman Dec 2, 2016

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    Alpha Decay is a recently out of Early Access title from Two Headed Monkey. It's a simple concept and holds some promise. The only current game mode consists of two teams of four people who each have a reactor to defend. This reactor decays over time and can be caused to decay faster by the opposing team. Each team has a base area where they can create buildings that will strengthen their team and upgrade their weapons. These base upgrades are made by using resources that are collected by a drone that each team has. The drone can be destroyed and although it gets replaced fairly quickly this obviously halts resource collection temporarily and each element of the base needs managing and defending to an extent.

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    Alpha Decay is supposed to be an online multiplayer but currently the player base is non-existent. Luckily there are fully functioning AI players that you can play with although they do seem to be very difficult to fight and are currently fairly unbalanced. This, however, doesn’t prevent you from getting a good taste of what the game potentially has to offer. The gameplay clearly requires improvements but all the basics are there and implemented fairly solidly. Building base improvements is simple and straight-forward with multiple options as to how you might want to grow your base over the course of the match. However the lack of game modes is a definite negative point against the game and the gameplay becomes very repetitive very quickly, partially due to the pace of the game and partially due to the lack of human players. The AIs are very predictable and can kill you far too easily, making the game fairly frustrating and boring to play after more than one match.

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    While playing the game, be prepared for clunky controls and poorly designed menus. The graphics aren’t anything special but they’re sufficient, although the player body models clearly have a lot of work left. As a base concept and game idea it’ll be really interesting to see how Alpha Decay develops as it’s a great idea for a slow paced, fairly relaxing multiplayer experience. The rate of the reactor decay means that there’s plenty of time for thinking and planning and if the player base picks up utilizing that against real people should make things a lot of fun. It’s unfortunate that all the current issues with the game were not improved and worked on before the game came out of early access.

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    The sound design is horrendous, with the ‘announcer’ voice sounding horribly cringy and poorly recorded. This certainly gives the overall presentation of the game a negative edge as the voice is loud and jarring, completely the opposite to the rest of the gameplay.

    The concept behind Alpha Decay is a good idea and could become really interesting if the developers continue to add updates and actually address the many issues the game has. In its current state the game is not worth it’s price tag and has no playerbase whatsoever.



    Unique concept
    Potentially interesting mechanics
    Awful sound design
    No playerbase
    Clunky controls
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