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Indie developer Epic Llama presents a quirky point and click adventure title as their second entry onto Steam. Darkestville Castle follows the expected tropes from this genre but offers something fairly endearing in amongst its somewhat forced comedy and relatively un-imaginative ideas.

Indie developer, Glass Isle Entertainment presents their first entry onto steam. A challenging 3D runner game, Undercity throws gradually more complex courses at you and provides the player with a game that features minimal story, but solid gameplay that does its job well. A decent slice of entertainment for those that enjoy perfecting their reaction times while moving at speed.
An intriguing, strategic title from the small indie developer BrainGoodGames, delivers a relaxing and fairly easy to understand game. Solar Settlers isn’t particularly challenging, but the gameplay is fairly involving and can be easily picked up for shorter or longer bursts and seems ideal for fitting in around other daily activities. The re-playability is somewhat limited but the time spent is enjoyable.
This business management game from Pinokl Games, the developers behind Party Hard and Party Hard 2, and Kverta Limited, provides a basic and currently very clunky tycoon game. Party Hard Tycoon is making its way through early access and still feels relatively unpolished. Some perseverance is required to obtain enjoyment but sometimes can be sunk into this game without too much trouble.
This delightful title from Runic Games, the creators of Torchlight and Torchlight 2, offers a very relaxing experience with a wonderful atmosphere and some light RPG elements. Hob provides very little direction for the player and it can feel a little frustrating, but the overall feel of the game is one of intrigue and awe. Lovely visuals, great music and smooth gameplay leave you with something that feels wonderful to play.
This Early Access title from indie developer Team V, is a wonderful experience. Stardrop provides tension, a fascinating story, engaging characters and an environment that draws you in. An extremely competent effort in game design with a minimal list of flaws, that shows great promise of a wonderful finished product.
This fascinating and frankly completely one of a kind creation from Ghost Time Games, is a game that presents you with a world, a character and a story to reel you in with its initially adorable demeanour and gradually darker and thought-provoking undertones. Jettomero: Hero of The Universe, features a giant, indestructible and extremely friendly robot who is unsure of its purpose in the universe. A delightful and refreshing game in its well-executed simplicity.
A charming title from the indie developer, Binji, this 2D platforming, roguelite shooter is delightful on numerous levels. Botlike - A Robot's Rampage, currently has a number of important features missing but in its early access state, the gameplay itself feels very promising and visually, the game looks great. A fun and challenging experience with plenty to fall in love with despite the missing menu sections and lack of volume options in the games current state.
The creators of Monaco, Pocketwatch games, have brought us a simple RTS game set in a world where a revolution is underway and the winners will feast on the losers. Tooth and Tail is a game in which the gameplay is mostly based around defence and capture type missions in and where you, the long coats, must prevail in your objectives in order to prevent the reigning order from continuing their oppressive rule. The main character, whom you control the actions of, leads the rebellion in the memory of his young son who was taken by the ruling class for their feasting. An interesting concept that is executed in a fun, albeit relatively basic manner.
This charming stealth action game from indie developers, iFun4all, is an amusing and well-executed concept. Serial Cleaner puts you in the shoes of a man whose job is to clean up crime scenes without the police seeing him. Seems simple enough, but the game quickly reveals itself to have some layers of complexity that aren’t initially apparent. The game appears to be based in the 80s and the premise takes a great deal of influence from Pulp Fiction. A charming title with a lot to offer fans of the wider stealth genre.