Play Die Reload

The latest instalment in Freebird Games series of stories revolving around a company who makes peoples final wishes come true in their dying moments, offers the same level of emotional impact as their first creation, To The Moon. Finding Paradise has some mechanical faults and a few features missing, but the focus of the game is on the story it tells and Finding Paradise fulfils the expectations laid out by its predecessors in a short but extremely lovely game.

This intriguing creation from composer David Su isn’t what can be traditionally described as a game. Yi and The Thousand Moons is essentially a music video that has been created to have gameplay elements. It is very short and tells a simple story, providing an interesting artistic experience but certainly not something that will appeal to many.

This gorgeous title from indie developer Mad Fellows brings the player a wonderful rhythm game experience. Aaero is a challenging game in which the player finds themselves tracing ribbons of light, fending off hostile machines, avoiding elements of the environment and even engaging in boss fights. A rich experience filled with a variety of gameplay elements, creating something that is both relaxing and appropriately difficult, blending calmer sections of the levels seamlessly with the slightly more frantic segments.