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Zordix AB have successfully created a solid base for a good snocross racing game. Competently put together, Snow Moto Racing Freedom provides a fun racing game with decent variation in maps and a variety of challenge in the courses. The player is provided with more than one race mode to partake in as well as having plenty of courses to unlock through progression. The game provides an enjoyable experience that mostly falls flat when it comes to overall visual presentation and options for customisation, meaning that Snow Moto lacks the additional flair and extra excitement that many other racing games manage to achieve.

Dream Car Racing 3D is a promising early access title from RoKo0 and has been brought to the Steam Store via Greenlight. So far it appears to be offering a solid base for a physics based, vehicle construction game. The premise is, that you build cars and race them. It’s worth noting that the building of the cars does involve some actual understanding of physics and simple engineering. It definitely requires some actual thought in order to build a working car. There is, however, a default design you can use to take a look around the first map and use as an example to build your own car if you are struggling to wrap your head around why yours keeps falling apart (mine kept falling apart).

This gorgeous title from Funselektor Labs Inc. is essentially a fairly simple and easy game to get into and a relaxing game to play. In Absolute Drift, you journey through the levels on a quest to seek true enlightenment through drifting your car majestically around obstacles and race tracks crashing into absolutely everything that even vaguely comes within your vision.