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The creators of Monaco, Pocketwatch games, have brought us a simple RTS game set in a world where a revolution is underway and the winners will feast on the losers. Tooth and Tail is a game in which the gameplay is mostly based around defence and capture type missions in and where you, the long coats, must prevail in your objectives in order to prevent the reigning order from continuing their oppressive rule. The main character, whom you control the actions of, leads the rebellion in the memory of his young son who was taken by the ruling class for their feasting. An interesting concept that is executed in a fun, albeit relatively basic manner.

Taking on the challenge of creating an old school RPG, Indie developer Event Horizon are developing their first Steam release, Tower of Time, in Early Access. With a blend of well crafted story telling and tactical, real time combat this is a game that promises a beautiful experience with something for those players who love the older style of RPG as well as players who may be more used to newer methods of tackling combat and general gameplay. Despite it’s currently rough edges, Tower of Time feels quite different to more recent releases in it’s genre and offers something special.