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By Jess Lishman Aug 6, 2016

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    Broken Bots is a fast-paced, wacky, multiplayer game from Bunnycopter and it is an absolute blast. Everything about the game is well put together and incredible fun with enough game modes and combat variations to entertain the player over and over again.

    Broken Bots is a top-down, team-based battling game where you control a robot with the primary aim being to blow up the other team's robots. There are multiple game modes where the objectives differ but obviously some good old shoot outs inevitably occur regardless of what the objective is. Keyboard and mouse controls are intuitive and easy to use and the game also has full controller support. Both the keyboard and mouse and controller controls are well implemented and are both as comfortable to use as the other, leaving the control mechanism entirely down to personal preference. The robots control well and despite the gameplay often getting quite hectic it remains easy to keep a track of what’s going on. The controls do feel a little bit floaty but generally moving around the maps is absolutely fine and the variety of robots are easy enough to handle.

    Broken Bots 1.jpg

    There is also a level-up system and a fairly extensive amount of customization for your bots. At the beginning of each game you get a choice of two bots. Initially you have a limited number of passive and active abilities available to add to your bot but as you level up more become available. As a side note, apart from the main objective for each game mode you personally gain level up points by blowing up enemy bots. These abilities range from simply healing yourself to being able to cause enemy bots to malfunction. This can spice up the gameplay depending on the game mode. This also means that once you’ve leveled up a bit you can create fairly diverse bot customizations from match to match and kit your bot out to fulfill specific strategies depending on whether you need to focus on aggression or defense.

    Broken Bots currently has a very small player base and it may well stay that way, but thankfully the developers have implemented a good AI system, so even if there are only three real people in a match the matches are still very enjoyable as the AI moves around tactically and is certainly not overly easy to kill. This has ensured that the game has avoided suffering the same fate as many new multiplayer games from indie developers as the matches are extremely entertaining despite the lack of human players. Even though it is great fun to play on your own it also looks like an absolute riot to play with friends.

    Broken Bots 4.jpg

    The graphical style of the game is vibrant and energetic with bright colors complimenting the relatively simple graphics. Despite the graphics being relatively basic overall the color palette and overall visual design of the levels makes Broken Bots very enjoyable to look at.

    On the soundtrack front the game is absolutely stellar. Like the rest of Broken Bots, the soundtrack is essentially nothing original or at all complicated, but it is implemented perfectly and fits in flawlessly with the feel of the game. Occasionally the music is overwhelmed by the in-game combat sounds which is something of a shame but it does not impact the overall feel of the game as nice as it would be to have the volume better balanced.

    Broken Bots 2.jpg

    Menu options for Broken Bots are sufficient for the style of game. The game runs in a variety of window sizes and has adequate volume options with the options menu being well designed and easy to navigate.

    Overall Broken Bots is an extremely fun little game guaranteed to provide you with fast paced bursts of enjoyment. It’s not a perfect thing by any means but it’s a simple idea that’s been well put together and is a great time as a result.



    Fantastic soundtrack
    Vibrant graphics
    Extremely fun
    Poor sound balance
    Floaty controls
    Small player base
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