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By Jess Lishman Nov 15, 2016

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    Captain Forever Remix is a light-hearted, 2D, space brawler with a vibrant style. You are essentially a girl pretending to be ‘Captain Forever’, a fictional TV show character, and you and your brother ‘King Kevin’ are partaking in an imaginary space battle. Your objective is to get from the first level to the end without dying. Each level comprises of an area of space that is filled with ships trying to blast you into many pieces. You begin with a level one ship and as you progress and kill higher leveled enemies your ship is presented with a variety of increasingly stronger ship parts to add to your build and better weapons to blast away your enemies.

    The gameplay in Captain forever is extremely simple. You build a starter ship. You try and blow other ships up and get a bit blown up yourself. You stick pieces of the blown up ships onto your ship and try and make yours better. Eventually a much better ship will appear and blow you to pieces and you start over.

    Captain Forever 1.jpg

    As you defeat better ships new ship designs will become available for you to start with. These different designs allow slightly different playstyles and do slightly different forms of damage. Combined with the different weapons you can acquire from your victims the ship builds you can end up with can be fairly wacky. Controlling your Frankenstiened ship can become tricky as you progress if you end up building your ship unevenly or accidentally sticking slightly more powerful engines on one side. However you quickly learn more efficient ways to assemble ship parts and begin to encounter fewer issues with controlling your peculiar concoction of a spaceship.

    The explosions are many and the confusion reigns once you get to some of the more intense brawls a couple of levels in. Chaos is king in this game and you can rapidly go from whizzing in with your lump of a ship covered in weapons to having a lopsided mess desperately trying to limp away with one flickering engine. Some judgement is required although a lot of the time you can get away with just charging forward and firing constantly until you come across larger ships with more varied weapons. Tactics are limited but all out mindless fun is the name of the game.

    Captain Forever 4.jpg

    Captain Forever is a 2D game with simple, well designed, kids comic book type visuals. It’s full of bright colors and visually is a vibrant and energetic game. These graphics combined with the hectic gameplay lend a potentially confusing experience to begin with, but it becomes easier to get the hang of.

    The soundtrack fits in superbly with the gameplay and maintains the non-serious and jovial nature of the game. The overall sound design is solid although nothing overly special, but in the general chaos of the gameplay it definitely doesn’t stand out as negative or detract from the game.

    Captain Forever 3.jpg

    Captain Forever's UI is easy to navigate and very simple, as are the rest of the menus, although nothing essential is missing. Overall it is an extremely fun game, ideal for playing in short bursts in-between other activities. Unless you’re of an easily addicted nature, in which case you best beware.



    Vibrant visuals
    Great fun
    Interesting ship building
    Basic Combat
    No Voice Acting
    repetitive gameplay
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