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By Jess Lishman Oct 31, 2017

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    The eagerly awaited PC version of Bungies' anticipated sequel has a lot to live up to. Destiny 2 Expands on the first game with regards to its story, but the gameplay elements will all look very familiar to anyone who was a fan of the first game. Very little has been altered in the game as a whole, but it’s certainly a fun FPS experience with plenty to do and a relatively engaging storyline. A decent use of time for anyone who is a big fan of Destiny or for those who are not familiar with the first game. If you’re looking for something that adds new elements in a meaningful way, then Destiny 2 will likely disappoint.

    The game begins with a sequence of cutscenes and gameplay which cumulates in the guardians losing their light, and subsequently their powers, to an evil overlord figure called Ghaul. Ghaul wishes to possess the power of the traveller, a god type being in the Destiny universe. He captures it in order to achieve his dream, wishing to take the travellers light away from the Guardians as he believes them to be unworthy of its power. As the plot unfolds, other extreme dangers to the solar system are revealed and the campaign missions progress in a smooth fashion, allowing you to move forward fairly quickly if you so wish. This progression allows for the story to flow well, preventing it from becoming sliced up into poorly connected segments.

    All missions in the game have a recommended ‘power’ level. Power is a statistic that is increased or decreased by the gear you have equipped, Better gear leads to a higher power level and for most missions it is simply indicated that you should potentially collect some additional gear before proceeding. However, earlier in the storyline you acquire gear plenty fast enough via the story itself and via doing one or two public events between story missions. You will often find yourself to be 10+ power levels above the recommendation. This tends to mean that the combat itself isn’t particularly challenging, however, the movement takes some getting used to and the jetpack mechanic tends to lead to plenty of incidents of the character gracefully floating past the platform you were aiming for and then gracefully plummeting to your death. This can become fairly frustrating at points as there are a few places in the story where awkward first-person platforming has been implemented, but on the whole, the gameplay feels smooth, with the gunplay being extremely satisfying. As the story progresses, the combat does gradually get more challenging but continues to feel achievable.

    The missions available to the player consist of the story quests, adventures and public events. The adventures are essentially mini missions in which you carry out objectives for the relevant faction and help them out in order to gain reputation points with them. While you’re in the open world areas where other players are also wandering around, public events will pop up. Anyone in the area can join in with these public events and they give a good chance of improving your collection of gear, with there being a chance of rare gear dropping even early on in the game.

    The voice acting is excellent and the story is told in a sufficiently competent manner. There’s nothing incredible phenomenal about the storyline but it’s certainly intriguing enough and presents the various dangers to the game universe in an engaging manner. A generic plotline with generic villains that features some well-done cutscenes and slices of engaging gameplay.

    Destiny 2 is a beautiful game visually. The environmental design is wonderful with some extremely interesting areas available to explore. Each open world area feels very different as well, so the game doesn’t start to feel repetitive for quite some time. The pace of the story and the varying level designs ensure that you won’t start to feel bored of the mission areas for at least the duration of the story, if not longer.

    Fantastic set pieces, glorious colours and beautiful visual effects make for a lovely experience with regards to the graphics. A lot of detail has been put into the world and the sheer richness of the visual design perhaps temporarily makes up for where the game lacks in its gameplay and storytelling.

    Along with its excellent graphics and competent enough gameplay, the soundtrack is excellent. Brilliant orchestral pieces are woven into the cut-scenes and general play, with the music being superbly balanced in all areas of the game.

    Overall, Destiny 2 is a fun game. It has a lot to offer initially, although once your character is levelled up and the story is completed there are a limited number of things present to maintain the players' attention. The PvP scene is a fairly important part of Destiny and there are raids for max level players, but the looming and inevitable shadow of DLC will likely be the only thing present to keep bringing people back into the game as time goes on. This is obviously a shame for a game that has a relatively large price tag and has a story campaign under 20 hours long.

    An enjoyable experience, but perhaps not one to delve into if you’re uncertain as to whether the post-story grind will keep you entertained or if you dislike the concept of most future content being locked behind paywalls. However, if you enjoy FPS combined with Sci-Fi, then there’s plenty here to love.



    Excellent graphics
    Great level design
    Wonderful soundtrack
    Fairly shallow story
    Minimal endgame activities
    Future content as paid DLC
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