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By Jess Lishman Jan 31, 2017

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    Dream Car Racing 3D is a promising early access title from RoKo0 and has been brought to the Steam Store via Greenlight. So far it appears to be offering a solid base for a physics based, vehicle construction game. The premise is, that you build cars and race them. It’s worth noting that the building of the cars does involve some actual understanding of physics and simple engineering. It definitely requires some actual thought in order to build a working car. There is, however, a default design you can use to take a look around the first map and use as an example to build your own car if you are struggling to wrap your head around why yours keeps falling apart (mine kept falling apart).

    Dream Car 1.jpg

    You are able to unlock new maps by completing certain objectives on the previous maps. You can race people, but due to the currently very small playerbase finding people to race with may take some time organizing things through the Steam community forum. The game does seem to already have a few dedicated fans, so the future of the Dream Cars community certainly looks positive.

    The controls and navigation for the construction ‘garage’ and the racing are all very well laid out, although for the less technically minded, the car construction may take some time to get to grips with. There is a tutorial on how to build a simple car within the game and combined with the default car design the player can get a decent grasp on how to get started.

    Dream Car 3.jpg

    Dream Car has nothing special to offer graphically but then that is not the focus of the game, so nothing is lost through the human models being extremely simple or through the landscapes being plain. Due to the gameplay itself being entirely solid it looks as though improving the content of the race maps is a primary concern for the game through early access. With regards to the garage screen and the car building there is very little work that needs to be done and in that respect it functions like a full and polished game, which is encouraging to see from a tiny indie developer.

    Despite a currently small playerbase, Dream Cars offers an extremely competent physics and construction based game that seems perfect for people that enjoy the likes of Kerbal Space Program and shows a great deal of promise for improvement through early access.
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