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By Kristine Totten Aug 30, 2016

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    Have you ever wanted a game that is part fantasy football and part adventure with small touches of a Dungeon and Dragons campaign? Then you will enjoy Epic Manager. In Epic Manager, you are the manager of your own adventuring company. Life is difficult in this world and there are many knights, thieves, wizards, and witch doctors that are in desperate need of gold and a chance to grow their own legend. But there is a lot more than that to the game; not only are you fulfilling quests and adding more adventurers to your roster, but you are also competing against other adventuring companies. This is where the fantasy football part comes in.

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    At the beginning of the game you pick a name for your budding adventure company, you also learn about this competition that you have entered into. There are 12 managers of different adventuring companies that are all vying to be number one and become the Epic Manager. This introduces a ranking system whereby you and all the other managers are ranked each week based on your accomplishments and the ones on the bottom are eliminated. The player is also susceptible to being eliminated, and if this happens it is game over.

    After picking a name, the player then joins the Rookie Draft and learns that they have earned the envious position of being lucky number three in line to pick their rookie. So you watch number one and number two pick their characters and then it is your turn (unfortunately Shovel Knight and Rogue Legacy Knight are already taken). After you make your choice the game begins. There are quite a lot of things happening in this adventuring management game. To begin with there is an exhaustive tutorial that is very helpful and talks you through everything you need to know to be successful. The tutorial is a great help to players who are new to this style of game, while also managing to not be annoying to more experienced players who might not want to feel like the game is holding their hand (it is also possible to disable this tutorial at any time).

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    The game gives a strong feel of being in some kind of Dungeons and Dragons or similar type of campaign. There are random events that can occur as you travel through the map to various quests and locations. There are places along your path that are always stopping points for your crew, and when you stop a blue dice is automatically rolled to determine whether a random event will trigger or if the stop will be uneventful. These random events will give you several choices as to how to react; sometimes a character’s special abilities will come into play to give your team an advantage. You also are given a percentage that informs you about how high your chance of succeeding is. As for the combat itself, it is turn based and fairly simplistic. You can have your characters build up their focus, attack with a weapon, or use a potion or other item in your inventory. Each character has a special ability that you will need to gain focus in order to use.

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    Epic Manager is a challenging and interesting management/RPG simulation game. It is certainly addicting and it is one of those games where you keep telling yourself that you will just complete “one more quest” and find yourself having completed five more quests. It will appeal to you if you are a fan of role playing games, of simulation games, or are looking for a game with a Dungeons and Dragons style campaign.
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