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By Jess Lishman Jul 8, 2016

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    This nifty little title from Whalebox Studio offers a relatively generic but fun experience for the player. You find your character crashed in a mysterious land and you are tasked with gathering resources and trying to locate your co-pilot, who has landed elsewhere.

    These resources lead to the creation of a number of weapons and survival materials and then onto the creation of Goliaths, which are the main combat feature of the game and generally make the player able to traverse the land with greater ease.


    The game mechanics and controls are solid. Both keyboard and Controller support is available, although the nature of the gameplay lends itself nicely to controller use. Having said that, the keyboard controls are more than adequate and do not feel particularly clunky or lacking other than in combat, when they can sometimes feel a little sluggish. The enemy and character design is visually interesting but the attack patterns of the enemies are fairly boring and offer little to make the combat feel exciting.

    The combat itself is not particularly interesting. It works well enough but there is nothing outstanding about the standard enemy bashing and trying to whittle down enemies in the beginning can be arduous since upgrading the initial Goliath is slow and the game pits you against higher level enemies very soon after you get moving.


    The story is progressed via carrying out quests and gaining new quests is achieved via building up a good reputation with various factions or stumbling into NPCs. Unfortunately this means that trading with the first faction you are introduced to is locked until you do enough things for them and trading appears to be the only obvious way to get hold of weapons for your Goliath aside from being lucky with loot. This in turn means your Goliath is not very strong for the first missions yet the enemies are still higher level than you and take a bit of grinding to kill.

    You also unlock the ability to build better Goliaths through doing what are called 'experiments' and even unlocking the second tier of Goliath parts is arduous. The initial wooden Goliath you build will have to be re-built many many times before you start to make real progress and begin to upgrade what you start out with.


    The story itself has the overall aim of tracking down your co-pilot. The two of you are from Earth but you appear to have crashed in a strange place between worlds featuring a number of lumps of rock orbiting each other. You move between each place using a teleporter and each teleporter is surrounded by a safe zone which comes in handy for cheesing a few enemies. The questlines are mostly uneventful although the biomes do feature dungeons which spices things up a little.

    The Graphical style of Goliath works very well. The cartoony nature of the visuals lends itself to the slightly humorous tone of the game and the colour palette also works nicely with the overall feel of the games slightly steampunk character costumes and world design. The environment design is somewhat mediocre, with each biome more or less being a re-skin of the previous, with the features within each biome being very generic and generally uninteresting.


    The soundtrack is great. The Bluesy wild western guitar licks in the main menu really add to the atmosphere and the in-world environment sounds provide an ambient background when the combat music isn't playing. The options menu offers basic graphical and sounds options and is relatively comprehensive with what it offers the player.

    Goliath is certainly a fun little game to run around in but quickly feels very samey and un-compelling to play. It's a perfectly adequate game for playing in short bursts but doesn't offer that much to persuade the player to keep playing for extended periods of time.

    PDR received a copy of the game from the developer



    Great soundtrack
    Interesting progression system
    Lovely Graphics
    Progression feels arduous
    Environments feel boring
    Combat is uninteresting
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