Guts and Glory: Early Access Preview

By Jess Lishman Mar 22, 2017

  1. Jess Lishman

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    Hakjak Productions have essentially created a gory death simulator with their game, Guts and Glory. This Early Access effort has a long way to go if it wants to become something other than a mildly amusing joke, but there’s some promise to this game in the form of challenge, even if that challenge is currently little more than something that is purely there to be silly and provide entertainment in the form of constant ragdolling and flying body parts.

    There are currently 3 characters you can chose to play as but not all are available to play as on all tracks due to certain tracks not being suitable for certain vehicles. Currently the playable entities consist of; A man on a bicycle with a child in a baby seat, a man on a quadbike and a man driving his family in a car. Bearing in mind the tracks in each level feature a variety of traps in place to maim and kill, it becomes quickly apparent that the humour level in this game is quite dark and obviously not suitable for everybody. Your aim is to navigate through the level to each point until you’ve gone through enough points to reveal the finish line. As you traverse the levels various projectiles will fly towards you and many forms of saw blade appear in your path. The idea is to navigate these perils and make it to the end of the level in almost one piece.

    Despite this game being clearly easier to play with a controller due to it being centred around driving elements, Guts and Glory currently only has partial controller support, meaning you may be forced to use keyboard and mouse if you can’t get a controller to work. Driving with the keyboard is awkward and if this is something you struggle with then it is recommended this game is left well alone until it does feature full controller compatibility. Trying to navigate the traps with a keyboard is unfortunately a fairly frustrating experience that quickly wears through the silliness of the game.

    Graphically Guts and Glory is fairly basic. The game currently features no distinct visual style and it is unclear whether the developers intend to work on providing the game with anything unique on the graphical level. The appearance of the game is sufficient but the current texture set is bland and the focus of the game clearly lies in the accumulation of ways your character can die.

    In all the game provides some daft entertainment for a short while even if it is generally fairly frustrating and wears thin quickly in it’s current state. For the price of around $9 the content offered by the game may not be enough to justify the price. If utter silliness is something you enjoy then the investment may be worth it.
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