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By Jess Lishman Jan 31, 2017

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    Heroes of Loot 2 is a simple little 2D, top down, dungeon crawler from Orange Pixel and is a progression and improvement on their original mobile game, Heroes of Loot. However it is apparent that its predecessor was a mobile game and very little has been innovated for the move to PC.

    The game is very simple to pick up and play. The keyboard controls are bound strangely but simply using the arrow keys and the mouse is easy to get used to. This can be easily fixed for those that dislike the default bindings as the game allows all controls to be re-bound. You pick two classes for the two members of your squad when you start the dungeon and their attacks are generally strong enough to take down any enemies that appear. As you navigate the dungeon you encounter some simple puzzles as well as various doors requiring keys and of course a small bestiary of cute pixelated enemies. The gameplay doesn’t seem particularly difficult and there is very little challenge to be found in Heroes of Loot 2. Essentially it boils down to button mashing and collecting things. The enemies become fairly repetitive very quickly and the loot doesn’t become much better as you move through the dungeon. Although the game is somewhat fun to begin with there’s very little incentive to keep progressing past a certain point. You are just running through rooms killing things to go to the next level of rooms to kill more things. There is some measure of fun to be had but nothing that sets this game apart from the many other games of it’s ilk.

    HoL 1.jpg

    Graphically, the game is nothing special. It’s art style is pleasing enough but it is in a similar fashion to many other games like it. Minimalistic pixelated characters with limited animation work perfectly well, but there is simply nothing that stands out about the visual design. The saturated colours give the levels a fairly vibrant and energetic feel but that is mostly negated by the unfortunate lack of interesting gameplay.

    The soundtrack is the best aspect of the game overall. The music and the sound design fits in wonderfully with the gameplay and definitely provides the largest boost with regards to giving the game an injection of excitement. Upbeat electronic sounds blend in with the busy in-game combat adding a sense of urgency and haste. Unfortunately this dissipates out of combat, but at the fault of the gameplay, not the music.

    HoL 4.jpg

    The sound and visual options are competent enough, allowing for a range of resolution changes, although the game appears to stutter a bit when in fullscreen. This is not an issue when playing in windowed mode but it is still somewhat off-putting for those that prefer playing fullscreen.

    All in all there is nothing about Heroes of Loot 2 that stands out in any way. It is essentially a competent dungeoneering game, but that is all. There are no gameplay mechanics that entice you to progress and nothing that makes the game feel like it’s giving you anything in the way of power ups or even more interesting enemies. It would probably be a lie to say you’d get your moneys worth out of this game despite its extremely low price tag. Sadly the content is simply just lacking.



    Excellent music
    Fun in short bursts
    Very colorful
    Lack of content
    repetitive gameplay
    Lack of different enemies
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