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By Jess Lishman Nov 2, 2016

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    A rather visually beautiful effort from Thunder Lotus Games, Jotun is a game that bases its story around Norse Mythology. You are a warrior who has passed into the world in between death and life. Your quest is to impress the gods so they may grant you passage. You must travel through different areas and unlock the paths to numerous bosses that offer a variety of different challenges in reaching their locations and battling them. After each trial you progress to the next area and gain abilities as you travel this mysterious realm full of both wondrous sights and great dangers.

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    Jotun plays fairly nicely. The game’s mechanics are uncomplicated and relatively intuitive, making the combat easy to pick up as the character has two melee attacks and picks up additional abilities as you progress through the game. This makes the world un-stressful to traverse. Initially getting the hang of the boss battles feels difficult and somewhat frustrating due to certain mechanics not becoming clear immediately and due to the boss fights being the most unimaginative aspect of the game on the gameplay front. The character design of the bosses is brilliant and their appearances are extremely interesting and unique but as with many games, Jotun suffers from the boss fights just feeling repetitive and certainly not a strong point within the game as a whole. They aren’t a particularly negative mark on the game, but they don’t feel as enchanting or as magical as the rest of the world feels.

    The wonderfully crafted art style of Jotun maintains a mysterious atmosphere while taking the player through a visually stunning world full of varying and beautiful environments that truly give the player a sense of the mythology the game is based off. Running with a painted, cartoonish style but featuring a darker edge and keeping a muted color palette, the game feels very ‘in between worlds’ which is of course exactly where your character is supposed to be. The player character appear somewhat generic but the creatures and enemies that you encounter on your travels are unique and intriguing.

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    The sound design for Jotun is lovely. Each area of the game is quite different and the sound has been perfectly tailored to compliment the different environments with both the music and the game sounds being wonderfully designed.

    The game functions well with both keyboard & mouse and controller, but using the controller feels much more natural due to the nature of the combat, which is primarily based around a light attack, a heavy attack, and dodge rolling. The simplistic graphics mean that the video options are fairly basic but with regards to audio the options provided are sufficient.

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    Overall Jotun is a beautiful game that offers a visually stunning experience and a fascinating world for the player to explore. Grouped with an intriguing but uncomplicated story and a gorgeous soundtrack Jotun is a lovely experience.



    Beautiful art style
    Lovely soundtrack
    Interesting World
    Unimaginative boss fights
    Terrible map
    Basic combat
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