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By Jess Lishman Jul 22, 2016

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    Last Horizon is an extremely simple, well executed game from indie developer Pixeljam. The game features a very clear, basic objective. You are a rocket setting off from a dead planet and you must find your way 'home' to a new and living planet. Along the way you must land on other planets to collect resources to terraform your new home and to replenish your supplies of fuel and oxygen.

    Some planets are simply lifeless fuel and oxygen stop-offs but other planets contain the resources required for terraforming the new home you are heading to. Some planets are extremely tricky to land on as they may be covered in mountains or water, in which case some tactical flying is required. Occasionally you will find a planet with sentient life. Sometimes these planets are peaceful and you will be able to land on them, but other times you will find angry purple ships heading towards you and attempting to shoot you down.


    Last Horizon has a choice of game modes. The main difference between each mode is simply in difficulty. For instance, Flight A is a relatively calm universe where your ship can travel generally unhindered by potentially dangerous aliens and asteroids, whereas as Flight X features many angry aliens and asteroids. Another danger that doesn't seem to be present in Flight A but is present in the other game modes is a black hole. You can escape the black hole if you react fast enough but obviously if it sucks you in then it's game over.

    The controls for maneuvering your little rocket ship through the lonely expanse of 2D space are simple, but effective. It takes a little while to get used to deploying the ships rocket boosters at the right moments to prevent your adorable spaceship from careening past the intended planet and rapidly loosing oxygen or from crashing into an asteroid or planet due to a fatal misjudgment of the power of gravity. However, once you start to get a feel for the controls it becomes much easier to successfully fly to and land on planets. Movement in Last Horizon is based around momentum. If you judge your momentum incorrectly then you will miss your target or crash full force into it.


    There is no controller support for the game but it lends itself to keyboard controls considerably better anyway. The little rocket ships thrusters are deployed using A and Z and the direction of the ship is controlled using the arrow keys, the mouse is not used at all. These keys felt completely comfortable to play the game with.

    Last Horizons' graphical style is nothing groundbreaking, but it does look absolutely lovely and works extremely well for the style of game that it is. The soft edges on the shapes provide the game with an ethereal feel to it that makes the environment feel rather peaceful, despite the fact the game is fairly tricky once you've got the hang of the controls and tried a game mode other than Flight A. The colour palette is absolutely wonderful with darker more muted colours being contrasted perfectly with brighter and more vibrant ones.


    The developers also executed the soundtrack rather well. The ambient background sounds tie in with the ships journey through the potentially hostile tracks of space and the sound effects are simple but work beautifully.

    The options menu for Last Horizon is very limited. The game can be toggled between fullscreen and windowed but the sound and game options are essentially non-existent. This doesn't detract from the game, primarily due to the simplicity of it's layout, but it would be nice to have more in the way of sound options at the very least.

    Overall Last Horizon is an extremely enjoyable and well constructed title and can be wholeheartedly recommended.

    PDR was given a copy of the game for review.



    Lovely Graphical Style
    Tricky but well thought out controls
    Variety in the Environment
    The game is fairly difficult
    Basic 'Story'
    No real Fighting mechanics
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