Mr. Nibbles Forever Review (PC)

By Kristine Totten Jul 5, 2016

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    Mr. Nibbles Forever is an animated platformer with a hamster protagonist that you have to attempt to keep alive. That is really the best description that can be given for this game.

    There is no story; there isn’t even a prologue of some sort at the beginning of the game to give any information about your hamster character. Nor is there any reasoning given for why this hamster is risking life and limb or what his end destination is. While a game does not necessarily require an in depth story to be entertaining, in this case some form of story is needed as an enticement to keep playing.


    Essentially your only objective is to stay alive, for there are no do overs, if you die you start back at the first level. Mr. Nibbles Forever can be frustrating and difficult and the only thing keeping you playing is a desire to either “win” the game or to collect items.

    There are costumes to collect for Mr. Nibbles to wear, about fifteen costumes total and you earn these costumes by completing challenges, with objectives ranging from reach a hamster size rocket at the end of a special level or to collect a certain number of fruit. There is also a wheel to spin after Mr. Nibbles has collected at least a hundred treats, and you earn prizes such as extra lives or the Double Jump power up.


    The costumes you earn can be entertaining, such as a pirate costume that causes Mr. Nibbles to periodically say pirate catchphrases like “Yeaargh!” or “Shiver Me Timbers!”. Some of the costumes even change the look of the level; one costume goes retro and turns the game colors to black and white.

    There is a certain level of humor that can be appreciated in the game. The sad violin music that plays when Mr. Nibbles dies, or the fact that he becomes wrapped up in tissue paper and placed in a shoebox. Something which I am sure any child or child at heart who has lost a family hamster can relate to. If you use an extra life, spooky organ music plays and Mr. Nibbles punches a little fist through his shoe box raising from the dead.


    And for everything that is amusing and charming about this game, there is much that is frustrating as well. The menu and game options are extremely basic and in some cases nonexistent. There is no exit menu; you have to press Escape on the keyboard to be given an option to quit the game. The only game options are to mute the music and game sound and to post to Twitter and Facebook. The game also has a configuration screen to change some basic options such as screen resolution or key bindings but these options are not in game, you have to quit the game to bring the configuration screen back by restarting the game.

    You can use a controller, but the game does not inform you of this option and neither is it mentioned on the game's Steam store page. Also check out the game's Steam page if you wish for a story description of the game.

    PDR received a press copy of the game from the developer.



    Charming graphics
    Adorable Character with zany costumes
    Level Design
    No Story
    Repetitive music
    Lack of save points
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