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By Jess Lishman Nov 15, 2016

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    Neon Chrome is a futuristic sci-fi top town shooter from 10tons Ltd. You pick your class and fight your way through a number of procedurally generated levels in a hyper futuristic universe full of robotic and human enemies, facing off with a boss every few levels. The game is focused around building up your character until you eventually have the skills to make it to the end. It can be played solo or in co-op.

    Easy to pick up controls make handling your character a simple process to learn. Figuring out how to upgrade your character is also very intuitive and easy to achieve. You can temporarily upgrade your character as you go through a game but when you die you can add permanent upgrades back in the main area using the money that you earned. It seems that progressing to the end is difficult to do without first dying a few times and using the money to upgrade your character and gain the damage, health, and skill upgrades that allow you to clear even the first boss.

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    The classes are fairly similar but they have significant differences that make them each feel quite different to play. Generally the weapons are similar for each class. They each have different abilities that work fine by themselves, but are more geared towards the co-op mode and seem designed to be utilized effectively in a team. The bosses are certainly very difficult to take down by yourself and the set up of the levels very much encourages co-op play. This does require organizing friends to have a reliable co-op experience though.

    The gameplay itself is fun. There’s nothing entirely special about the combat itself, but with the addition of all the other well crafted game elements Neon Chrome delivers a full package with regards to enjoyment.

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    Visually, the game works extremely well. The graphics are not stunningly beautiful but the use of color with the environmental design makes the game look very nice. The vast majority of each level features dark steely tones that are then contrasted with neon pinks, blues, and oranges along the edges of objects and around key items. This simple visual scheme is very effective in putting across the appearance of a society that exists far into the future.

    Neon Chrome’s soundtrack is absolutely fantastic. It gels perfectly with the hyper futuristic vibe of the game and supplements the more intense fight sequences really well. The level of energy provided by the music is phenomenal and it’s a soundtrack I for one want to track down and download to listen to outside the game.

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    The options menus for Neon Chrome are extremely comprehensive and provides a very extensive selection of menus for a game that is not complicated graphically. The menus are also superbly designed and easy to navigate with the overall game UI being very intuitive and nice to use.

    10tons Ltd have produced a solid game that’s great fun to play both alone or with friends. Neon Chrome has no bad points to speak of and can be recommended to anyone with even a slight interest in top town shooters.



    Fantastic soundtrack
    Easy to pick up
    A lot of fun
    Relatively simple graphics
    Basic gameplay
    limited classes
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