We warmly welcome developers contacting us about information on the games they are developing. If you are a developer and want to contact us for potential coverage, please read the following guidelines before contacting us.

1. We are a PC only website. We don't cover mobile, mac or linux games no matter how great they are. Contacting us about these types of games is just a waste of time.

2. If you are running a kickstarter, please at least have a working and public accessible demo of the game available as well as some sort of gameplay or regular trailer or we will not be able to cover it.

3. Please don't send us your life story. Just pertinent details of the game, a link to a video, website link and some screen shots is more than enough.

4. Sending us information on your game is not going to automatically get you coverage. Just be aware of that when sending information and we are good.

5. Asking if we would like a code for the game is detrimental to getting coverage in a world where time limitations is a thing. Just send a game code with your email because unless your game is the next coming of Christ, you most likely won't get a reply. Nothing personal. We just don't have the time to reply to every email we get.

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