Rogues Like Us Early Access Preview

By Jess Lishman Apr 18, 2017

  1. Jess Lishman

    Jess Lishman Member Writer Editor


    This early access title from Indie developer oddByte is their first foray into the gaming industry as a studio. Rogues Like Us is a perfectly good entry into the rogue-lite genre pool. An admirable first offering that doesn’t strike outside the young studios experience and as a result creates a competently put together experience that although lacking in innovation or anything particularly new or original, provides the player with an enjoyable experience that can easily be dipped in and out of with minimal stress. Rogues Like Us does feel like a finished game that perhaps merely needs additional tweaks.

    The game is set out like many Dungeon crawler type affairs, although it takes place initially in an above ground setting, with later levels offering you different scenery should you prove able to reach them. The levels take you through procedurally generated rooms or enclosures where different combinations of various types of enemies will spawn. Drawing some similarities to The Binding of Isaac in it’s layout, Rogues takes the basic concept and effectively translates it into a hack and slash experience with each enemy needing to be tackled slightly differently.


    The basic concept revolves around doing the levels until you get good enough to beat the boss, which takes you to the next level where you repeat the process. You pick up loot boxes and items on the way and each time you die you are brought back to a central village where you can upgrade items and open your loot boxes before you go back and try again.

    An experience that offers engaging gameplay that can be played with a keyboard and mouse but a controller is definitely recommended due to the nature of the combat. Rogues runs very smoothly and features very responsive and intuitive controls making it feel nice to play and certainly very enjoyable.


    Graphically there is nothing particularly special about the game as of yet, but aesthetically Rogues looks perfectly pleasant. Again, the studio have delivered something of good quality and not over stretched themselves, with the soft polygons and clean, basic colour palette working nicely with the well put together sound track. Through early access there is plenty of time for the game to improve visually, but as it stands it’s definitely still nice to look at.


    Rogues Like Us is an excellent Early Access title that holds a great deal of promise and has started with a solid base that gives them plenty to build on. In it’s current state it feels like a finished game but with some tweaks to the visuals and gameplay elements Rogues will be fantastic to play.

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