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By Jess Lishman Jun 13, 2017

  1. Jess Lishman

    Jess Lishman Member Writer Editor


    Rokh is an early access, base building and survival game developed by Nvizzio Creations and Darewise Entertainment. Taking place on the surface of Mars Rokh challenges the player to create bases, survive the rigours of the Martian surface and to discover what happened to the previous colonisation attempt.

    You land amongst the ruins of a dilapidated outpost with other similar buildings visible in the distance. Scattered among the buildings and across the surrounding landscapes are supply drops from Earth that contain materials to make tools as well as resources to survive. As you begin to cobble together a useful inventory you are able to create simple building materials with the overall aim being to craft yourself a pressurized cabin to help preserve your oxygen levels as the oxygen that can be found in the supply drops cannot be relied upon. There are plenty of crafting recipes to investigate and after taking a little time to work things out building yourself a simple set up is not especially difficult., but it is time consuming and may prove boring when carried out alone.

    The durability of the lower tier tools is a frustration but you quickly gain the ability to improve the durability of your tools so this issue lessens as you progress. In general the game encourages progression and allows the player to move from one step to the next with relative ease. The primary obstacles to progress are gathering enough resources but once you have a small base and crafting benches you are well on your way.

    The early access nature of the game becomes apparent at various points and there is clearly much work left to do with regards to ironing out bugs and improving the server infrastructure. Currently it can sometimes be difficult to connect to a server and unfortunately sometimes the UI will become unresponsive during play, preventing you from switching tools or building new items. Some of this is to be expected from a game still in early development but in general there are plenty of promising things about Rokh.

    Visually the game is very nice. The environment looks very good and there is probably very little that needs adjusting on the graphical level. The assets are all designed well and for the most part the game looks and feels quite natural with enough environmental detail to intrigue the player and make them feel interested in their surroundings.

    There is no music once you are in the game itself but the menu music is sublime and really helps enhance the feel of a mysterious settlement that seems to have fallen foul to some unknown calamity. When in a server the environmental sounds work well, although things like mining do seem a bit jarring and irritating if done for several minutes at a time. Other areas of the sound design are currently quite subtle and are effective in enhancing the atmosphere.

    Overall Rokh provides a solid basis for an intriguing survival experience. In it’s current state it is lacking additional threats and perhaps a better direction to progress in with regards to the background story. The Lack of interesting dangers and the price tag Rokh currently features are the primary reasons for giving this title a bit more time in Early Access before taking the plunge. For many there is not enough content outside of simply surviving, but if the game builds off what it already has then this is certainly one that will be worthwhile returning to.

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