Snow Moto Racing Freedom Review

By Jess Lishman May 9, 2017

  1. Jess Lishman

    Jess Lishman Member Writer Editor


    Zordix AB have successfully created a solid base for a good snocross racing game. Competently put together, Snow Moto Racing Freedom provides a fun racing game with decent variation in maps and a variety of challenge in the courses. The player is provided with more than one race mode to partake in as well as having plenty of courses to unlock through progression. The game provides an enjoyable experience that mostly falls flat when it comes to overall visual presentation and options for customisation, meaning that Snow Moto lacks the additional flair and extra excitement that many other racing games manage to achieve.

    Ideally played with a controller, the game handles pretty well and for the most part is simple enough to get the hang of. Some of the more challenging courses that require more difficult turning techniques and directional changes take longer to get used to but this is to be expected. The skill level generally seems appropriate and not overly frustrating. It can sometimes feel like the game is getting out of your control and often it can seem unclear why an AI player was able to overtake you so easily, which can be frustrating, but for the most part the AI players offer a reasonable substitute for a quiet online community. The game does feature online, local and split screen co-op, which is lovely to see. Sadly the price of the game may make it difficult to find friends who are willing to buy it as $30 is a steep price to ask for a game that doesn’t provide the player with much else outside of simply racing. Ultimately there’s only so much a player can extract from doing the same things over an over on courses that, although different, still bear many similarities due to the snowy, rocky environment that is repeated through all the maps. It seems sad that a mechanically sound game is held back by a lack of flair and additional intrigue.

    Snow Moto Racing is an average game visually. The graphics are sufficient but the lack of any real detail in the map means that the environment does start to feel quite boring very quickly purely because each map is essentially just a slightly different combination of snow and rock. The trees are not detailed enough to add any layer of interest to the environment and the general lack of colour doesn’t aid the fact that the landscape is dull to look at. Another downside to the visual appearance of the game is that the assets that are there are all lacking in environmental detail and although this doesn’t necessarily matter because you are rushing past everything during the race, it is noticeable at times that the snow, rocks and trees all look fairly poorly created which gives the game a lacklustre atmosphere in some places.

    The sound design also feels fairly average, with the Snowmobile sound effect becoming extremely grating after a short time and with there being a lack of effective in race music to counterbalance the intrusive snowmobile sounds. This seems a shame because the music in the menu screens is relatively promising and even something similar within the races would help add atmosphere.

    Snow Moto Racing feels like it could be such a promising racing game. Essentially it has all the basics implemented really well, but it lacks the polish that would make it worth it’s price tag. The lack of finesse in the sound design and the graphics as well as the lack of any particularly interesting features does mean that that game just misses the mark on several fronts. Unless you’re specifically looking for a snowcross racing game then you are likely going to find a more engaging racing experience elsewhere.



    Competent mechanics
    Lots of races
    Multiplayer available
    Becomes very repetitive
    Bland visuals
    Boring soundtrack
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