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    Wuppo is an adorable game from Indie developer Knuist and Perzik offers the player a well constructed 2D platforming adventure. You are a Wum, a strange race of creatures on an equally strange planet and you are expelled from your home by the angry Wum that runs the Wum House for smearing ice cream all over the hallway for the last time. You are cast out into the wide world and left to fend for yourself as you try and find a way back into the Wum House. Your adventure brings you into contact with many different creatures, some more friendly than others, as well as various items you find along the way that will aid you in your travels.


    The basic gameplay in Wuppo is similar to that of a standard 2D platformer. You move side to side, have a double jump and can dive under water when the opportunity presents itself. Aside from those basic elements you collect numerous items with different uses, whether for fighting, expanding the game’s lore or for allowing your Wum to traverse the world while wearing a fabulous hat. The world levels are nicely designed with new areas opening up as you find certain things or achieve certain goals. The world lore and overall story progresses at a comfortable pace with new mechanics and items being introduced slowly and explained in a humorous manner. Navigating the levels is easy to do and working out where to go next at no point becomes confusing or frustrating. After the main game has been completed a boss run mode is unlocked, allowing for some additional playtime with a different feel.


    Wuppo features an endearing visual style that perfectly compliments the games humour and the quirky world you find yourself in. Essentially the visual style resembles that of a children’s story book, fitting in nicely with the nature of the story and the characters. This basic art style still looks really nice within the context of the game but it does obviously feel a little childlike due to the hand drawn appearance and the stuttering animations of some of the characters. This is however, counterbalanced by the subtle sarcastic humour the game employs, which contributes to the relaxed feel of the game allowing it to keep it’s childlike qualities while also being genuinely funny.

    The light hearted music and adorable sound effects continue to contribute to the overall feel of the game, although initially locating the audio options is a little difficult as the options menu is navigated in a slightly unusual manner. Instead of the more standard layout you scroll between options windows using the mouse wheel. This just means that initially there may be a moment of confusion as the audio options initially don’t appear to be visible. However, aside from this the audio-visual feedback is nice and the in game music and sounds are not too intrusive.


    In all, Wuppo is a wonderful player experience. A 2D world that manages to feel rich, full of life and full of potential with a simple but engaging story that seems easy to just pick up and play without significant complications. It is a very relaxing game through it’s well constructed gameplay and the endearing environment the developers have created. Without a doubt, a very enjoyable game to play.



    Lovely art style
    Endearing characters
    Extremely fun
    Very simple story
    Stuttery animations
    Potentially repetitive music
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